Studying for Exams - A Few Helpful Tips

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Exams are around the corner.  All students are stressed out as they try to cram what they learned throughout whole year into their brains.  Maybe these tips below could help you ease the pain of exam studying.

#1: Know the importance of time
Time is extremely precious around this time.  But, during exam time, even staring at a blank wall becomes more interesting than studying.  The best way to avoid this is if you are doing something totally unrelated, STOP it right then and there (except reading this article).  For example, if you are just aimlessly browsing the internet because you just don't want to get back to studying, immediately close the browser and shut down the computer [after you finish this article :)].  If you use your computer to study, log-out of sites like Facebook and commit yourself to not going to any 'non-study-related' websites.  Finally, never ever say to yourself that you are going to start studying in a few more minutes. START. NOW.  Otherwise, you would keep postponing it till it's too late.

#2: Use effective studying strategies
Never attempt to study for 4 hours straight and then take a break of 2 hours.  Rather, break it apart to sensible pieces of 40mins - 1hr.  Take 10 - 20 min. breaks in between.  Make your breaks fun by playing one level of your favorite game or taking a walk outside.  But, don't make your breaks too long and forget to get back to studying!

#3: Use change to make studying more interesting
A change is always good.  If you have the opportunity, change your studying environment.  Use different methods of studying such as making up flashcards, creating memory tricks, reading while walking etc.  Also, avoid continuously studying one subject for a long time.  Rather, switch back and forth between different materials at intervals of about one hour.

#4: Be aware of the reason that you are studying
Keep in mind that the primary purpose of exams is not to torture the h*ll out of you but rather to actually make you learn the material.  Without exams (and other assessments), you wouldn't know most of the material because you wouldn't care to learn.

#5: Motivate yourself
Last but not least, you will have a tough time studying without motivating yourself.  There will be nothing like the feeling that you get after you have finished the last exam and you know you worked hard.  Also, is it really worth repenting for weeks after the exams because you didn't try for just this one week?  Finally, the grades should be a huge motivation too, but don't be stressed about them.
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